Week 3 Seven Oaks Sanctuary for Wildlife (Jamaica)

‘Don’t blush, baby…’

That embarrassing Australian interview cost cricketer Chris Gayle a $10,000 fine.  As his home country is Jamaica, I thought this week it would be interesting to see how many better uses he could have found for $10,000 back home.

Lots.  A quick internet search revealed dozens of charities of all types, all crying out for help.  In Jamaica, 16% of the human population struggle below the poverty line, while also on the bottom rung of the ladder, animals suffer too, all too often at the hands of humans.

It was hard to decide between the worthy organisations I found on my etravels but since last week was dedicated to domestic animals, I thought this week I would donate to native wildlife.  I wish I could win the lottery and do so much more.

“It takes one person to start a miracle”

– Jamaican Reggae Artist, Shaggy

“A bucketload of free cash in caring hands would also help”

– Me

Seven Oaks Sanctuary is a private shelter that receives and cares for various species of Jamaican wild animals, such as Jamaican parrots, parakeets and snakes, as well as some domestic animals and exotic species of wildlife. 

It is also actively involved in combating the illegal capture and trade in Jamaican parrots and parakeets.  They have been working towards strengthening a national wildlife rescue and education network to promote the conservation of Jamaica’s biodiversity. 

SOS-Wildlife is operated under the auspices of Northern Jamaica Conservation Association.

Seven Oaks Sanctuary

So, Chris, maybe in future you could think more about these kinds of birds…

Blackbilled parrot (Amazona agilis) – endangered species endemic to Jamaica


…and think less with the other kind of snake…?!

Jamaican boa (Epicrates subflavus) in coastal forest