Week 15 Giving a Future Animal Aid (Myanmar)

This is a good news week!

Family members welcome a student protest leader as he arrives for his trial in Tharrawaddy.

Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi has vowed to press for the release of political prisoners and student activists, hinting that a mass amnesty may be imminent as her government seeks to stamp its mark on power in the former junta-run nation

Ms Suu Kyi’s administration, stacked full of democracy activists who spent years incarcerated by the military, took power last week, ending nearly half a century of repressive army domination.


It is also good news for non-human animals as along with the country and its prisons opening up, so are some new charities dedicated to helping animals.

Giving a Future Animal Aid

Giving a Future Animal Aid

This charity caught my eye because it doesn’t run a shelter, instead it is dedicated to helping animals who are living on the streets, therefore reaching out to a larger number than they could otherwise afford.   It is based overseas (Norway), so has more freedom to speak out than domestically based ones.  It has a great website if you are interested in learning more about this relatively unknown country.

According to the the site, Myanmar has approximately 3.5 milion stray dogs.

Giving a Future helps animals and people through :

– Population control though neuter-spay-release programs;

– Rabies vaccinations;

– Curing parasitic infections and mange;

– Helping paralysed and wounded animals to a secure home/shelter and

– Raising awareness of hidden cruel activities in the country such as the many puppy mills, butchering of dogs for game, and the illegal meat trade (sale of dogs) to China.


I wish peace and a brighter future to all of the people and animals of Myanmar.

I wonder what life was like for my Burmese great-great-grandmother?