Week 20 Oscar’s Law (Australia)


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Last week was Mother’s Day and I would like to thank my mum for being such a good mum …most of the time!



She didn’t laugh at me when I said I wanted to be a truck driver or a mechanic, despite my complete lack of talent for either!

She tried to get us eating less meat back in the days when I was still fixated on steak and bacon pies..none of that steak and mushroom business for me, it was meat on meat or nothing!  My sister and I called tofu ‘toad spew’.  Then one day I came home and said I wanted to go vego, mum calmly asked my sister if she agreed (she did) and from that day forward it was bye bye steakon pie for all of us, and hello to mum’s amazing vego cooking.  Thanks to my sister too for her part in this.

Mum is active in trying to make the world a better place…her focus is much broader than just the small world of self, family and friends… She writes letters, volunteers, consumes ethically…and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is!

Thank you mum, for inspiring and encouraging me to be better!

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(I would also like to thank my mum-in-law for raising such a wonderful son and for all the kindness and care you show us and others.  We are extremely lucky to have you!)


Some mums who never get any love or appreciation are those poor dogs suffering in puppy factories.

Here is a link to Animals Australia’s new radio ad and older tv ad, which ask people to remember the parents behind the puppies.

Know your best friend


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Oscar’s Law is a not-for-profit volunteer organisation, dedicated to abolishing puppy factories in Australia. Our mission is threefold:


  • Abolish the factory farming of companion animals.

Factory farmed dogs get no veterinary intervention when they need respite from their pain and suffering. They live in filth, sometimes without adequate food or water. Their coats are often matted with faeces and stained with urine. Ear infections and ear mite infestations are common as is painful dental and gum disease.

Many dogs slowly go insane. They spin in circles or pace back and forth in their cells, some never see daylight, and the outside world is a foreign place to them.

Once the breeding dogs are no longer profitable, and after years of confinement and continual pregnancy they are taken out of their cages, pens and sheds and they are killed.

  • Ban the sale of companion animals from pets shops/online trading sites.

Pet shops actively encourage impulsive behaviour in customers- but a pet is for life, through sickness and health.  Quite often, sickness.

Pet shops and the factory farmers cut corners at every step of the way to maximise their profits, as a result, the animals and customers suffer.Consumer Affairs receives hundreds of complaints annually from consumers who have been knowingly sold sick animals and have incurred large vet bills.

  • Promote adoption through rescue groups/pounds/shelters.

Every day in Australia a dog is killed every 4 minutes in Council run pounds.


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One more thing, please don’t choose a cute but physically disadvantaged breed such as a pug, just to boost your own ego…think about the animal’s comfort too.  If that isn’t enough to convince you, think about the vet bills…