Week 29 Friends of the Hound (Australia)

Some great news this week –

NSW and ACT acted to ban greyhound racing.  That’s now two big paws up to the Liberal Party this year.  Federally, they also outlawed testing of cosmetics on animals and the sale of new products tested on animals overseas.  Who knows what other wonders the future may hold!  (Derryn Hinch in the senate could be a very good thing for further animal justice).

As the week has rolled on Premier Mike Baird has been under enormous pressure from the industry (who can talk), but if only they could talk, he would be getting even more kudos from the animals he has moved to protect.  Fortunately an industry vet who can talk and knows his stuff has spoken up today supporting the finding industry is beyond salvation.

A former greyhound racing insider is lifting the lid on horrific animal cruelty and corruption in the sport, saying what he has witnessed shows the sport is incapable of cleaning itself up.

I was disgusted by what I witnessed. I saw some horrific injuries and I saw some of the worst aspects of human behaviour too, said Dr Bryant, who was an on-track vet in 2014 and 2015.

Dr Bryant was on the inside of the industry when the sport was thrown into turmoil by revelations on the ABC’s Four Corners program of widespread live baiting in February 2015.

I can remember there was a lot of nervousness from management of Greyhound Racing NSW.

They were in a way relieved the program only focused on live baiting because [there were] other issues they were worried about, like money laundering that takes place and the horrific injuries and wastage in the industry.

When I left Greyhound Racing NSW, my view of the industry was that it was a very cruel and corrupt industry.


The producer of the Four Corners program has an interesting personal angle to add to the story: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-07/sam-clark-moment-extent-greyhound-live-baiting-became-apparent/7578704


bull(In other news: a matador was gored to death in Spain.  Apparently the crowd was ‘horrified’…but didn’t they pay the ticket price specifically to see blood and misery?   They should have offered to pay double! This is the first matador to die in this unfair ‘fight’ in 30 years; they are far more likely to die in a car crash.)


I chose to support this week’s charity as it no doubt very much in need at this time, but I do it with a grain of sand… firstly, it annoys me that good people are constantly called on to clean up the mess after animal users (this includes people who buy baby animals as pets and dump them as their novelty fades) and abusers have had their fill.

Animal carers understandably want to rescue as many animals as they can so they are unwilling to ‘rock the boat’ and do anything that discourages needy animals from being brought to them…The users/abusers skip off unscathed after dumping their unwanted animals at sanctuaries/shelters and get the feel-good glow that they have ‘done the right thing’…but…

Is there a donation to go with it, to cover the significant ongoing co$ts? …and…

Do they learn from their failure as carers and use this experience to educate others? 


I’m also not supportive of encouraging people to adopt animals willy nilly, just to prevent them being euthanased:

  • Feeding pet animals costs the environment dearly.  Kangaroo meat means another animal has died specifically so a pet can eat.  This is not right.
  • The money spent on keeping one pet, might be better spent on a charity that looks after the needs of a greater number of desperately needful animals.  There are some great charities already on this fabulous blog and 23 more to come!
  • People are living closer and closer together and having a dog barking in a residential environment is not fair on neighbours.
  • Many people just don’t have what it takes to be own any animal, let alone something with high needs such as a dog. The Victorian government recognises this and has created an awareness campaign  Making Victoria better for pets . After surveying 2,362 dog, cat, bird, rabbit, rat, mouse, guinea pig, ferret, lizard, snake, turtle, and frog owners in Victoria, they found that many pets aren’t getting the care they need to stay happy and healthy.  And this was amongst people decent enough to take the survey!



Cat Your cat’s welfare needs

Dog Your dog’s welfare needs

Bird Your bird’s welfare needs

Rabbit Your rabbit’s welfare needs

Your ferret’s welfare needs

Your guinea pig’s welfare needs

Your rodent’s welfare needs

Your frog’s welfare needs

Your reptile’s welfare needs


But as someone said, and I agree, don’t blame the greyhounds.  

And, also let’s celebrate people who are trying to spread kindness and care:-)

Without further ado, I choose to make a one off donation to

Friends of the Hound Logo


Our Mission

Our mission is to save the lives of Greyhounds and reduce the mass wastage that currently occurs by promoting awareness about the welfare of Greyhounds and advocating their suitability as pets and companion dogs.

Through a continued program of promotion and education, Friends of the Hound Inc. aims to dispel the public misconceptions about Greyhounds and change the perception of the breed as “just a race dog”. The organisation works tirelessly to rescue Greyhounds and rehome them into suitable, permanent homes as family pets and companions.
It is all about the dogs.



Thought for the day:

Greyhound trainers emphasise how much they ‘love’ their dogs – then why are they so quick to dispose of them when they are not profitable?