Day: September 20, 2016

Week 39 DAWGS in Prison (USA)


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Incredibly, in spite of everything she has witnessed in the front-line of animal rescue, Lyn White from Animals Australia  has managed to maintain an overwhelmingly positive view of humanity.

I watched her talk this week and seeing her express belief in the inherent goodness of the human race was inspiring.

Mum originally sent me the video link. She was so impressed by this talk that she has ordered the dvds to send out instead of Christmas cards this year.  If you aren’t on mum’s mailing list, the link is below (1 hour 40 mins)

If you feel alone, or like life is pointless, you may find some hope and direction in Lyn’s message…the message of finding meaning by becoming the best you can be.  




 This week’s fantastic charity helps both people and animals on the path to becoming the best they can be.

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Our mission is to provide training and education for both inmate and dog, resulting in permanent homes for the dogs, viable job skills for the inmate, and productive jobs and a law-abiding life upon release.
” I woke up during my first year of the DAWGS program.   My attitude changed.  My routine changed.  My health changed.  My priorities changed.  Everything changed in my life in order for me to be responsible enough to take care of one of God’s precious creations. DAWGS gave me the wisdom to see what kind of changes were needed in my life in order to be a productive citizen again after a total of 26 years behind bars. “

Try not to cry (difficult!) while watching the following episode of ‘Castaways’, which chronicles another program of inmates training unwanted dogs (6 minutes).


It’s everybody all together that gives a damn that makes a difference

Teresa Strader, Director and Founder National Mill Dog Rescue

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