About 52 charities, 52 weeks

love animals

If you say you love animals, remember ‘love’ is a verb,

which means taking action, not just saying empty words.

My resolution for 2016 is to learn about and donate $52 to a different animal charity each week, for 52 weeks.

I am so upset by the things that people do to animals in the name of food, fashion, pharmaceuticals and ‘fun’ that I want to give an ‘f’ back…fifty two of them to be precise…It’s like online shopping, but much more satisfying!

Most people say they love animals but sadly don’t do anything to improve the lives of animals outside their personal sphere.

This is my attempt to do something, I would love it if you choose to follow it.  Other ways to do something, besides donating money, include educating yourself and talking to others about animal issues, writing both compliments and constructive criticism to government and businesses, buying non-animal tested products, not donating to charities that perform animal testing and relying less on animal products.

Whatever you do, if you do care about animals, please do something…

…or you’ll have these two to answer to!

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