Week 16 Animal Liberation Qld (Australia)

Who didn’t love the merry-go-round as a child?  Actually, I didn’t! – the horses had scary, ‘bitey’ looking mouths and waving at your parents to ‘look at moy’ while all those other people were looking at you was also scary.  Yes, I was a sook!

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But, sook all I like, at least I chose when I went on the ride (within reason-family photo ops notwithstanding), and the horses weren’t really out to bite me.

Billboard against animal cruelty in greyhound racing defaced

Defaced anti-greyhound racing billboard

Have a look at the picture on the billboard, right in front of the dog’s jaws.  The creature strapped and splayed in terror is a live possum, spinning on a not very merry ride at all.  The circus freak playing God who put it on there won’t ever let it get fairy floss or go home. Fortunately this time, the animal welfare family was there to take pictures.  To Animal Liberation, thank you.

And to whoever did this graffiti, thank you!

You gave this campaign a second chance at free, national media coverage.

Q. Why does the greyhound racing industry still exist?

A. Because it’s an industry of course, silly!

Our forebears had the wisdom to (nominally at least) insist on the separation of church and state, and we are all the better for it.  Unfortunately now corporatism seems to be the greatest threat to the state and democracy.

corporatism /ˈkɔrp(ə)rəˌtɪzəm/ /ˈkɔːpərətɪzəm/

control of a state or organization by large interest groups

Advanced English Dictionary

But what is currently accepted doesn’t need to continue to be…

Australia is one of only eight countries in the world with a commercial greyhound racing industry — Australia is by far the biggest. However, internationally, it is an industry in decline. In the USA, greyhound racing is now illegal in 39 states, 28 of the 49 tracks have closed since 2001 and wagering has dramatically reduced.

Every year in Australia, around 20,000 greyhound pups are bred in the hope of finding a quick runner.  But not every dog is suited to racing. And like a lottery ticket that has failed to pay out, most dogs who don’t make the grade are discarded.


A Price Waterhouse Coopers report in NSW in 2014 concluded that the racing industry is a ‘consumptive sector’, and doesn’t ‘generate any significant productivity benefits to the rest of the economy’.

Text : Animals Australia – Greyhounds

Graphic : ALQ Greyhound Racing

Thank you to QANTAS and Cathay Pacific for recently halting all carriage of greyhounds from Australia to certain suffering and death at the awful ‘Canidrome’ in Macau.

Don’t we already have enough ways to gamble our money away without abusing animals? If we close down blood sports such as greyhound racing, Paddy Power is more than happy to take money from suckers on all kinds of bets imaginable …anyone care to bet on who will be the next Pope?

I hear George Pell will be paying out at 7,415,160,613 to 1…and his odds only get longer with each new addition to the world’s population.




Animal Liberation Queensland

Way back in 1988, it was ALQ who set me on the path to changing my lifestyle to minimise my contribution to animal suffering.  I am forever grateful to them that I have not wasted my life, and so many others, by living a life of mindless consumption.

Animal Liberation Queensland is an independent animal rights organisation, founded in 1979, which advocates the rights of non-human animals so that they may live free from abuse, cruelty, and exploitation.


  • Exposing animal abuse and exploitation to bring widespread public attention to animal issues
  • Campaigning to increase consumer awareness of animal rights issues
  • Providing free educational resources to the community
  • Pursuing legislative change at local, state and federal levels
  • Collaborating with other state and national animal advocacy organisations where there are opportunities to undertake joint campaigns and share resources


They even have a vegan chocolate shoppers guide.(Why vegan chocolate? See Ditch Dairy)

 Greyhound Racing Billboard at Brisbane Central Station