Week 1 Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary (Australia)

In the wake of the Christmas Day  2015 Great Ocean Road fire in Victoria, Australia I thought a good way to start a year’s worth of giving an ‘f’ would be to start with the poor animals who lost their habitat, and nearly their lives in the fires.

Jirrahlinga Wildlife Santuary was started in response to the Ash Wednesday fires of 1983.  Once again, their services will be desperately needed to help wildlife on the long road to recovery following this fire.

Jirrahlinga also offers a place for people with special needs to find a sense of place and purpose amongst the quiet company of animals.


Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary


This particular fire is was started by lightning, sadly most fires (about 90%) are caused by people.  Fortunately there are other people who work hard to stop them.  Many thanks to the wonderful people of the CFA who put in an incredible effort to contain it and prevent any loss of human life.

Rest in Peace, the poor animals and plants who didn’t escape.

Jirrahlinga Koala & Wildlife Sanctuary - Call (03) 5254 2484