Week 22 Wild About Wildlife (Australia)


Poor Johnny Depp is having a weekus horribilis.  In a week of significant personal turmoil, a tomato he threw also came back to pulp him.  Barnaby Joyce had a surprisingly insightful response to his schoolyard insult:

“I’m inside his head, I’m pulling little strings and pulling little levers,” Joyce said in response to Depp’s comments that he “looks somehow inbred with a tomato”.

“Long after I’ve forgotten about Mr Depp, he’s remembering me.

“I’m turning into his Hannibal Lecter.”

Barnaby Joyce, who is Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture is not far off the mark when he compares himself to a sadistic serial killer.  He believes increasing live export is a sign of progress, and shows absolutely no compassion towards the animals covered by his portfolio.

So what hope is there for our native wildlife-seemingly the ‘farmers’ enemy number one’ when we have the ‘farmers’ best mate’  pulling big and little strings?

Some small hope – it is an election year…so please urgently make your voice heard with your local candidates via this RSPCA petition – it will open in a new tab, so click on it NOW!


RSPCA Election 2016 petition




RSPCA Election 2016 petition


Fortunately there are people with both brave and kind hearts out there, sadly they generally aren’t attracted to a political career.

Lisa from Wild about Wildlife is one such person.  She’s no slouch on the good come back either, as I just saw on her Facebook page- this started with a pea brain describing a roo that survived being hit by a car as a ‘lucky one’:



Fuckin human,s!!!


Wild About Wildlife


Just like the wonderful family who started Rudozem Dog Shelter in Bulgaria (Week 21),  and Pam Ahern from Edgar’s Mission (Week 14 ), Lisa didn’t set out to become a wildlife carer, it happened organically and has grown into a full time commitment for her from there.

She is a wealth of knowledge which she is more than happy to share with anybody who will take the time to listen and learn.

Some tips if you see injured wildlife:

Even injured  animals can move fast, running on adrenaline and fear – try not to scare an animal away from where it can be accessed by a rescuer for assessment.

If  you need to approach, move quietly and slowly towards it, keeping your eyes down.  Approaching in a car or in a squatting ‘frog walk’ can help lessen the animal’s fear.

If you can’t wait by the animals, know and provide exact and very clear location details – GPS, picture, distance in metres from landmarks all help – animals are designed to blend into the environment.

If you can wait around for the rescuer – great!  Please don’t be offended if they are short on chatter and are focussed on the task.  Every rescue presents new challenges and unknowns for rescuers, who, don’t forget are volunteers.  Do comply with their directions. And don’t be upset with them if they consider euthanasia to be the kindest option.

If you can approach the animal without it running away, think of body temperature – if the weather is really hot, shade it and try and keep it cool.  If it is really cold, cover it to keep it warm.

Keep rescue numbers in your phone Rescue numbers-throughout australia

SLOW DOWN, scan the road and roadside ahead when in the country, and don’t install barbed wire or ringlock fencing if you own property.

Finally, please Donate!!! 🙂


Donations to Wild about Wildlife


WAW just had a story featured on U.S. animal news website The Dodo. 

Kangaroo Loves Helping Mom Feed His New Baby Brother



Sorry, Australian government, I have to agree with Johnny on one thing, stop wasting taxpayers money on follies like chasing two millionaires around the world, and then fining them a pathetic $1000. Start spending some money on helping our land’s beleaguered original inhabitants.

If you don’t, and I ever meet a magic genie, I will wish for you all be made to sit through every ‘quirky’ Johnny Depp fillum ever made…


…a more cruel and unsual punishment than even Hannibal could come up with…




…but not quite as cruel as Barnaby.*



RSPCA Election 2016 petition

* to give BJ some credit, he was very considered in his response to the news of JD’s announced divorce.  There is a heart in there!