Week 44 Brightside Farm Sanctuary (Australia)


pig suit.jpg
Mmm..looks delicious.  We should honour its life by eating every part from nose to tail!

I have watched the first two episodes of For the Love of Meat on SBS.

I have certainly learnt a lot from the first two episodes on chickens/pigs.



Brightside Farm Sanctuary was featured in the second episode.  I know all animals are much smarter than we give them credit for, but I wasn’t entirely convinced by an experiment in the show that a pig was using its keen intelligence rather than its keen sense of smell!

Speaking of sense of smell, we humans always devise tests by our standards.  Imagine how hopelessly we would perform in tests created to animals’ standards.  A dog knows exactly  what its humans have been up to, while we can be totally oblivious to an affair that is going on, literally under our noses.  Smell is the only sense that tells the story of the past and present.  Imagine how different our society would be if we had an even half decent sense of smell?

Flight? We covet it so much we created fancy machines to indulge us with it.  Then we put creatures that nature designed to fly in tiny cages.

Lucky there are some good ones amongst us…like Emma Haswell, founder of Brighstside in Tasmania’s Huon Valley.




Brightside Farm Sanctuary

Brightside Farm Sanctuary offers a permanent home to over 250 farm animals and companion animals. We rescue and rehome 300 to 500 animals each year, placing them in approved loving homes.

Many of the animals Brightside gives help to have been rescued from appalling cruelty, while others were no longer able to stay in their previous homes due to unforseen circumstances.


Turkeys are completely underestimated.  They are wonderful individuals.  I am really happy to see that Owen is being given a chance to speak up for his brothers and sisters.

There is plenty of more great information to be found on the Brightside site.

Featured animal: Owen


Owen was rescued from a factory farm when he was about 5 weeks old. We were shocked to find he and his friends were missing the ends of their toes as they had been cut off as had the tips of his beaks. This is standard practice in the turkey farming industry. No sedation or pain relief is given to these poor little baby birds. Thankfully he and his friends can still walk and perch. Owen’s favourite food is watermelon which he absolutely loves.

The voice calling for an end to cruelty must never waver, it must never get disheartened, it must keep revealing the truth, because in the end, when good people unite they can end even the most terrible injustice.WILLIAM WILBERFORCE.