Week 46 LAPA Helping Animals in Russia

             Even though the election was rigged, as the great man himself declared,                          America has spoken.


But what about those who can’t speak?

The United Arab Emirates recently introduced animal welfare laws.

“Does this mean we get to ride on tourists’ backs in the searing heat instead?”

Dubai: A proposed UAE national animal welfare law to protect animals on farms, in zoos and in the wild, possibly as early as by the end of the year, is earning high praise from one of the top international animal welfare organisations, International Fund for Animal Welfare(IFAW)

It’s hard to believe that they didn’t exist already.

Russia, home to Trump’s bestie, is a country that has no animal welfare laws at all.

“I’ll love you forever if you make life better for all animals (except that f*ing bald eagle).”

The animal welfare situation in Russia is at a critical level and needs to change.

There is no animal welfare legislation in Russia.  As a result, there is no culture of sterilising, vaccinating or de-worming pets and breeding is not regulated. This causes overpopulation and diseases. Sadly, tens of thousands of cats and dogs are abandoned every year.  The ones that survive breed, others die of hunger, illness, cruelty and severe weather conditions.

If you watch this wonderful presentation by Lyn White, it is clear that many people care about animals, they just often don’t know where to begin.

Enshrining animal rights in law would be a good place to start.

Come on Mr Putin, you can do anything!


Fortunately there are people out there for whom empathy already speaks louder than apathy .



Our work has two areas of focus:


We arrange and finance the sterilisation of stray cats and dogs and animals who live in shelters.  We also subsidise the cost of sterilisation of pets owned by the disadvantaged, pensioners, disabled people and students. Find out more about Project Sterilisation…


We conduct lessons at Russian schools to pupils aged between 6 and 15, where we discuss issues of care and wellbeing of animals, teach children how to look after pets and what happens to them if they are abandoned.  The lessons are conducted both in Russian and the English language. Find out more about our Educational Programme…


Mr Trump has described the Paris [climate] Agreement as “unbelievable”, promising to remove the US from its signatories, and also bizarrely claimed global warming is a hoax perpetrated by China. 



Dog help all us dumb animals.


Uncle Sam showing how he feels.